Reliable air quality articles and products from a national expert.

Since 1980, Dan Schilling has been diagnosing unhealthy conditions in office buildings, churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, retail stores, and thousands of residential properties across the country.  He has helped countless people with drug-free solutions to avoid suffering from allergies, asthma, headaches, snoring, memory loss, and other indoor air related illnesses.

Dan's knowledge and services are recommended by inspectors, Realtors, builders, insurance companies, attorneys, and health professionals.  Dan's company has been featured on television multiple times and his educational articles have appeared in magazines across the country.

At IndoorAir.com, you will receive unmatched knowledge derived from real-life investigations in homes and workplaces. You can also learn about the benefits of products and purification technologies that Dan uses in his own home and makes available to you here at IndooAir.com.

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