Types of Consultation Services

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Mold and Moisture  /  Odors  /  Urine  /  Gas Testing  /  Oxygen  /  Particulate  /  Infrared Imaging  /  EIFS Stucco Siding  /  Expert Witness Testimony

You can schedule your consultation by calling 608-274-2747.

On-site and Phone Consultations

On-Site Consultations

In some instances, an on-site consultation is necessary. While IndoorAir LLC is based out of Madison, WI, I travel across the country to help people with serious needs. Their situations typically involve health issues, or litigation due to questionable real estate transactions or new construction defects.

Environmental consultations can include one or more services, including mold and moisture inspections, odor diagnostics, pet urine inspections, carbon monoxide and combustible gas testing, oxygen testing, airborne particulate analysis, and expert witness testimony for arbitration or litigation.

Phone Consultations

To help save the costs of an on-site investigation in your city or state, I offer phone consultations where you can e-mail photos of any concern in your home or workplace. I analyze the photos on my computer while speaking with you live. While on the phone, I will coach you on exactly what to look for, what to do, and what not to do to solve your air quality concerns.

For phone consultations, you will e-mail your photos before the call takes place. You'll set your camera to the low resolution web or e-mail setting for easy emailing and then take photos of your specific concerns.

Buildings function as a complete system, therefore, if you are at all unsure as to what your exact problem may be, it will be helpful for you to take photos of other areas because they may be related, even if you do not yet understand how or why.

I suggest printing the list below as a guide of areas to take photographs of, if applicable, and if you can do so safely:

Roof, chimney, roof vents, and gutters; just one photo from each side of the home, taken from the yard.

Each exterior side of the home, including the landscaped area around the perimeter.

Each vent that comes out of the siding or underneath the soffit overhang.

Attic access before opening the attic.

Interior of the attic from several angles if accessible, capturing any interesting vents, insulation, or moisture concerns. These photos can typically be taken from the attic access without the need to enter the attic. Note: If you enter any attic, always be careful, have a second person standing by, and always wear a dust mask when opening or entering an attic space.

Furnace or boiler and its vent pipe.

Water heater front and its vent pipe.

Air conditioner (outdoors or wall unit).

Overview of the kitchen.

Interior side of one master bedroom window and one bathroom window.

One bathroom exhaust fan with the cover lowered or removed.

Underneath one bathroom sink where pipes protrude through the wall of floor.

Locations of visible mold or water stains.


The water main area where it enters the building.

Exposed foundation wall and the box sill plate area at the top of the foundation, and/or the crawl space interior from several angles if possible. Note: If you enter a crawl space, always be careful, have a second person standing by, and always wear a dust mask.

The floor drain.

How Phone Consultations Work

You will send your photos as e-mail attachments in one email to Within your e-mail you should provide your address and phone number and let me know what times of day are good for you to discuss your home. Your credit card number will not be needed yet.

When the photos arrive, you will be emailed a consultation agreement to sign. It can be faxed back to 866-688-8042 or scanned and then emailed back.

I will then call you to obtain your credit card number and to find a mutually good time for us to begin the phone consultation.

Prior to calling, I will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to analyze the photos and process your credit card, then call you at the appointed time.

When the call is made, you should be at your computer with the photos open for viewing and have a cordless phone in case I ask you to take a look at something specific around the home.

Have a notebook handy and be prepared to learn a lot.