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Air Purification Systems          (Various models have differing applications and prices)

Air purification systems come in models small enough for a diaper pail and large enough for a livestock barn.  My recommendation will depend upon your need.  You can email the address at the end of this article and let me know 1) is the application residential or commercial, 2) the ventilated square footage of your building, 3) what climate you live in, and 4) what type of heating/cooling system(s) you have.  I will then send you an electronic brochure for the model that best fits your needs.

Personal Air Purifiers          $149.00 plus S&H     

These miniature air purifiers can be worn around the neck, purifying the air for 18" around your face.  They are perfect for airplanes, movie theaters, classrooms, busses, etc.  Click the title to learn about them.

Drinking Water Purifiers          $764.00 plus S&H     

There are a lot drinking water systems available today.  I have researched all the technologies available and the bottom line is you will get what you pay for.  Click the title to learn about the model I use in my home and provide to clients.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors     $55.00 plus S&H     

"Biomimetic" sensor technology is far superior to the electronic sensors in models sold in most stores.  Click the title to learn why.

Radon Monitors              $149.00 plus S&H          

Monitoring radon is better than testing for radon.  Click the title to learn about radon gas and the radon monitors.

Ordering Products 

IndoorAir accepts credit cards for ordering but you'll need to call direct to place your order.  

If you receive voicemail, please leave your name and number and I'll call you back promptly.