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Indoor environmental inspections

Mold and moisture inspections and testing

Odor diagnostic consultations

Pet urine contamination assessments

Particulate, combustible gas, CO, CO2, O2 testing

Phone consultations for any concern

Expert witness testimony for arbitration and litigation


All on-site environmental inspections and/or phone consultations are performed for $140.00 per hour with a one hour minimum, followed by half hour increments.

Hourly fees for on-site and phone consultations are based on all time applicable to the work, including time for travel to and from inspection sites, on-site investigation, working with photographs, technical report writing, burning of convenience CDs, emailing reports or photos, and telephone correspondence.

During on-site investigations, infrared building scans have an additional equipment fee of $130.00, and laboratory testing for visible mold contamination on surfaces, historical analysis of dust, or air sampling for current condition analysis are $110.00 each.

Expert witness consultations with clients or attorneys, depositions and testimony provided at court, arbitration or mediation hearings, including travel time, is performed at $290.00 per hour plus reasonable mileage.

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